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Is my user data stored locally or remotely on the Cloud servers?
Your actual physical e-mails, calendar items, contacts, notes, tasks etc reside securely on the GMS Cloud hosted server.

Please note: The GMS Outlook client plug-in maintains a local "cache" of data it has received from the server. A cache is typically a temporary buffer of information, often held on the hard disk or in the computer’s memory. This local cache file is extremely useful when you find yourself without Internet connectivity as you could still launch your Outlook and work in ‘offline' mode if you were unable to establish a connection to the server. This means that any folders you have viewed from previously being ‘online’ should now be visible to you from the local cache, despite not being currently connected to the GMS Cloud server.

The location of this cache file is described HERE.

Please do not try to edit this file unless you know what you are doing or are under guidance from Gordano Support.

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